Coaching Development Program

The simplified mission for CW3 is to provide a soccer program for the kids in our community. Regardless of the fields we play on, the quality of the referees, the straightness of the lines on the field, or the quality of the uniforms, CW3 can only accomplish its mission when our own coaches provide the right environment for the kids to have fun, learn soccer, and develop their desire for the game. CW3 will make every effort to ensure that our coaches receive all the necessary support to guarantee their success. We will begin to accomplish this goal by providing the following:
4. Support and Mentor Program
5. Game Day Procedures & Variations of the Game (Rules and Codes of Conduct)
6. Clinics and Trainer Program
CW3 also provides Templates for House Coaches to utilize including the following:
- Soccer Certificate (MS Publisher Required)
- Practice Drill and Game Ideas for U6 (More Ages to Follow)


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